I’m so tired.  My mind is so tired of constant memories. Days and days of him on top of me.  Days of thinking about why I would let him fuck me.  Why would that little girl let me do that.  Days of just wanting to die.  Sad dark lonely cold days.  I told her I would not be mean to her anymore but I just want to blame her for everything. 

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  1. I’m having some trouble navigating your site. I am technically challenged!
    But I just had to say, you as a little girl didn’t ‘let’ him. Find a little girl at the age you were and study her a bit. You will see. It’s hard to picture how really little and young and innocent you were at the age you are now.
    He did it and was old enough to manipulate and manhandle a little girl. And the adults let him. They were NOT attentive or caring for you properly at all. All that internal anger at yourself is not yours. It’s for him and them. ooh, it’s making my insides curdle. I want to scream at them!


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