I’ve been wanting to ask this for days. …


I have I’ve really been wanting to ask someone anyone just I didn’t know how.  At what age should a child stop showering with their friends and friends family members.  The dad was always around at shower time.  Urging me to shower with the kids.  It was alright.  We’re all family.  That’s what we do here.  We are swiss. It took a while for me to break down and succumb. He was always around in his short robe and nothing else on.  Or his shorts.  Short shorts.  I remembered that one last night. Yuck.  Makes me shudder.  His dick was huge.  Was it Ok.  Is this acceptable.  How am I going to find
out.  I was 15 to 17. I practically lived there.  What I did remember was he knew things about my past.  My childhood.  The naughty things I did.  I feel he took advantage of this.  I had told julia as they were open about her sexual abuse.  And I told them about my mum and hers.  That makes me angry.  I know my dad didn’t shower with my friends or my other friends dad never asked me to shower with them.  But they weren’t swiss.  We even had saunas naked. I didn’t want to and I didn’t for a long time but I felt pressure.  And I felt part of the family though so I obliged.  I was very nervous and full of anxiety the first time.  Good I’m really thinking about it.  Fuck n hell.  What an asshole.  Fuckn Cunt.  Fuck.  I can’t believe he put all of us through that.  Even the younger kids.  I can’t believe I went along with him at that age.  My mind is so fuckn screwed up right now I just want everything to stop.  Time freeze and give me a break.  And for the persistent  hypervigilent vagina to just fuck off. For my mind to shut down and think nothing.  Nothing….. n o t h I n g .. .. .

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  1. I would say that a child shouldn’t be showering with friends or friends family members. I think a child should only be showered by their own parents. But that’s just my opinion. Some people may have close family or friends that they trust to do that though. I don’t know much about Swiss culture. Though I did have a short stopover there once and when I went to the hotel spa with my hubby we were surprised to see candles everywhere. It was strange to us. And then when we went to go into the sauna the lady told me I would have to be naked because that’s how they did it. I must of looked really uncomfortable because she changed her mind and said it would be ok to wear a robe. So I did, as did my partner and meanwhile naked people walking past. That kind of comfort to be nude especially around complete strangers was very new to me.


  2. im sorry you went through that. like the previous comment, i will not pretend to know anything about Swiss culture, but i do know that no one should ever be forced to shower with anyone that they do not want to. as for children i say only parents should be doing the bathing for them and anyone over the age of 5 should already have been taught to clean themselves alone. I understand that in some places in the world there is a need to save water but it can be done with clothes on and maybe girls with girls and men w men to alleviate a girl seeing a naked man before she is ready to do so. seems like your friends dad was a pervert who used the culture to his advantage. i hope you can work through your pain and find a way to help other girls that may be in your position.


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