Barbies such a stupid slut.  She’s only good for one thing.  I will never buy Barbies.  That’s what I remember about him.  He always made them have sex. That’s how he showed me what grown ups do.  He said she was a stupid slut before he stuck her legs where they should never have gone. 
I always thought barbies were only good for one thing after that.  I never did what he did to myself but I always made ken and barbie have sex.  No wonder my school friends thought it was weird.  They weren’t taught about barbie like I was. 

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      • You have nothing to be ashamed of. I also struggle with feeling ashamed from the rape. The thought of anyone knowing makes me feel deeply ashamed. But we have nothing to be ashamed of. It is their shame that we have taken on. I’m here. We’ll get through this together. Keep writing. xox


      • Thank you. You definitely shouldn’t feel Shame. I know I shouldn’t but I do. It’s such a struggle. And the physical pain that comes with memories suck. I just want to stop the emotions and everything.


  1. I understand that feeling of wanting to stop the emotions and wanting everything to just go away. Don’t immerse yourself in too many trauma collages because emotionally it will intensify what you’re feeling. Give yourself a break for a bit. Try to distract yourself for a while. xox

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      • I’m glad it helps you. I find journaling, writing and drawing really helpful. I’m doing pretty well. Had a really shitty time for a while there, was highly emotional but I pushed myself to get out and the distractions from my thoughts helped.

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