Fuck no


I found somebody on the net i was looking for.  He has another daughter just a baby.  I Don’t know what to feel.  I was like hell no when i seen that.  I want to contact his ex wife.  Ask if he has contact with his kids.  Have they told his new wife he’s a paedo.  She’s got beautiful blue eyes from him.  Like the other kids.  So clear.  I don’t want them to be turned dark by him like his other children’s eyes were.  He’s on the other side of the world in another time zone.  What can i do.  Nothing.  He got away with it then and he’ll still get away with it. Fuck him.  And fuck my mum who said she knew he was dodgy but still dropped me off every weekend.

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  1. This is from the mother that was abused by her brother as a child. She has done many and stupid dangerous things over the years, including leaving us with her brother. Being in a nut house so we were in care who used to lock us away then left us with a woman who smacked me with a wooden spoon cos my brother nearly drowned in the creek because her son was raping one of us. And the mother who used to drop us off to the farm with the dodgy dad never asking any questions


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