Sleep sex or dissociated sex


I woke up in a Fright on the verge of orgasm. What the fuck was happening. 
Woah Ok.  That was good but I’m a little scared how that began.  Was i asleep.  Did i start it.  He said i was talking to him.  I can’t have been asleep.  I know I’m thinking about my abuse and relive sexual shit all day I’m probably dreaming it too. But to wake up having rough intercourse on the verge of orgasm and not know this is what you were doing.  Ughh.  Horrible.  This is the self abuse i read about.  I think.  We were only just talking on facebook about alcohol and sex.  I love to get high on weed.  It helps zone everything out. I have to stop it though.  Or maybe i dissociated.  I did mention this to my husband.  Maybe i think i was dreaming.  Fuck knows.  I’m just real crazy at the moment.  At a 9!

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