Sad little girl


I thought i could trust her.  I thought she listened but she didn’t even hear me.  That’s what i go there for.  To be heard and i Don’t even get heard.  I know I’m quiet speaking.  I’m just scared.  I’m really scared.  I’m a little 6 yr old girl trembling in a grown womans body.  Hurting.  Screaming.  But still nobody hears.  She doesn’t understand that and i feel bad to say.
And i Don’t get that when I’ve said i want to die she’s done nothing except once up until now.  I mean it every time. I don’t tell her until the last minute.  She’s it, the last Option. Now i Don’t have one.  Nobody.  I only wanted some help with some questions.  I’m just a kid.  It’s all been for nothing. I’m too hard to deal with.  How can you help someone who didn’t talk


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