Sad little girl


I thought i could trust her.  I thought she listened but she didn’t even hear me.  That’s what i go there for.  To be heard and i Don’t even get heard.  I know I’m quiet speaking.  I’m just scared.  I’m really scared.  I’m a little 6 yr old girl trembling in a grown womans body.  Hurting.  Screaming.  But still nobody hears.  She doesn’t understand that and i feel bad to say.
And i Don’t get that when I’ve said i want to die she’s done nothing except once up until now.  I mean it every time. I don’t tell her until the last minute.  She’s it, the last Option. Now i Don’t have one.  Nobody.  I only wanted some help with some questions.  I’m just a kid.  It’s all been for nothing. I’m too hard to deal with.  How can you help someone who didn’t talk

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  1. What happened? Did your therapist terminate with you? I hope that you are okay and I hope that she did not terminate you. That is the worst feeling in the world. Sending you lots of good energy.


    • She didn’t listen. I’m broken. I said one thing. Why i couldn’t talk even though i try really hard and it just hurts so much to be open and really trying but not being heard all at the same time. Sorry. I’m so messed up right now.


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