Dissociative Identity Disorder – Making Rules


Very helpful having rules.

Heathers Helpers

I am in no way an expert and I am sure that other people have other ways of doing  things but I am going to explain how I made rules amongst my Helpers and hope my experience can help someone out there either with DID or loving/caring for someone with it.

Long before I knew that I had DID, I was having periods of severe self harm, issues with eating, therapy being very inconsistent, some extremely inappropriate behaviours, as well as flickering in and out of interactions with people as often as every minute or so.
I had all the diagnoseable issue of memory lapses/losses and such as well but it was these issues that either caused me personal harm or threatened my recovery that I felt I needed to tackle first.

I decided on a short list of really important rules. You can decide your own. I just chose…

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