Fragmented encryption DID MIND


I can’t keep control of this anymore.  My. Mins wanders fast and switches furiously.  So many people trying to get out our stay hidden.  One wants help the rest hate her.  We can’t email our t for fear she’ll do something about us like locking us up or leaving and not wanting to work with us.  We scared she won’t want to work with us because we are so complicated.  Nobody gets it.  Nobody understands how Totaly out of control my mind is.  All they see is this person going about their daily business.  Well i hope that’s what they see.  If they saw a glimpse of broken they would see. Or Bitch.  They been fighting all morning.  One minute I’m crying the next I’m scalding myself for being a pathetic little Cunt.  Why won’t nobody see i really want help.  I can see and feel and hear what’s happening with those 2. But not the rest.  They just take over and there is no recollection until i am them again.  Fuck this life i would rather be dead right now.  This is just way too much to handle.

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