Quiet time


Ahhh peace in my mind finally.  After a few hectic days if constant bickering back and forth about killing myself they’re finally gone quiet.  I’ve learned to calm them a little by shhhhing them and saying that I’m here listening but I’m busy and i will listen later. Or i do listen and rationalise. Some times though i have no control.  No idea of the change in my attitude.  I do however notice the feeling in my brain.  Like right now it feels light and quiet. Thank God because it has been quite chaotic as I.p puts it.  I had emails in my drafts to her as well that were like arguments but i hadn’t sent as i wasn’t allowed. But as soon as it had been quiet i secretly sent them off to her. No point in trying to get half assed help.  She’s the only one that understands or know about them.  I think others know of my attitudes but not my alters. And i don’t think some of them will be happy with me but i don’t care.  I really need help. 

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  1. You have to do what’s best for you and admitting you need help and reaching out for it is a big step. I’m glad tonight is peaceful. Enjoy it. I know how loud the voices get sometimes, they just don’t shut up. 😃


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