You asked for it , therefore.. DID/MPD, what is it?

You asked for it , therefore..  DID/MPD, what is it?

Can’t wait to read. Can Help alot reading how others go through this.

Krickets Ramblings

You asked for it, therefore, you shall receive is the saying, correct?

I’m not in the slightest mood to really be motivated for anything right now but, I had told myself that I needed to follow through with what I had started.  So on this note, your requested input for another entry on brain/mental illness.  This seems to be a higher requested subject than I had originally thought it might had been, I’d not realized this when I had posted my first piece relating to brain illness, mental illness and emotional instability.  I give my apology ahead of time for my lack of enthusiasm, I am in one of my slumps at the current time, hopefully making myself finish what I have started will pull me out from my dark cloud.

An introduction to DID (dissociative identity disorder), or otherwise and previously known as, MPD (multiple personality disorder).

I am…

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