Therapy sux


On the way there i was extremely anxious.  Nauseas and scared.  I noticed her vehicle was in the drive facing out.  Bitch wondered if it was like that for our amusement.  Well not amusement.  But safety if i Did a runner. We notice those little things.  As well as feeling that on the way there i really felt like something was constricting around my throat.  Like hands.  I felt it when we were there to.  But even my clothes were not very tight. But i had to keep moving my clothes around my neck. The little ones definitely didn’t feel vertu trusting this week at all.  Freak out If they let too much out she won’t want to work with us.   We already think we enough work as it is.  That’s why we don’t want to come out.  We don’t want to get attached because she’ll just leave us like everyone else.  We know we get really sad when people leave And we don’t want to be hurt. We always get shit on and people don’t care about us so why would she.  She doesn’t even know us.  It makes us really really sad thinking about it. Hurts my head really hurts my head.  Crying

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