My head is killing me I’m trying to figure out who iam I’m 10. I gt suc a bad head and neck my for head is very tight and feels so furrowed.  I’m in such distress.  My head hurts.  I can’t take much of this anymore.  I don’t know who i am. This tattoo on my arm looks so real and i shouldn’t have it.  I just wanted to color in and now I’m so upset and nobody to talk to.  Oh she way telling the bedroom.  In the dark.  Hey away from light.  You loved the smurf curtains. They were the best.  It makes it dark. Shes telling me too lie down an rest.  My skull and my head is actually really killing me and that’s because I’m fucking sharing it.  I wish they would go away and shug the fuck up.  It’s so peaceful when they quiet. I realize Today that when i went quiet in January and i couldn’t talk and string a sentance together was because i was somebody else. I didn’t even know how i existed.  Just barely.  Because i was a baby.  Oh there it goes again she’s back. Fuck.  Aghhhh the pain in my head.  Oh god i acknowledged you were here.  How longer can i take this pain.  This way of life in my fuckn head.  Fuck. What can i make you do to make you quiet just go away.  My neck is killing me too.. Your all killing me.  Ohhh my head i do wonder if i have a fuckn huge brain tumor.

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