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  1. Oh ok..a forum article…I thought it was a good one actually. Made sense to me.
    The tension headaches it talked about made a lot of sense..this is where they talked about the blinding headaches which even non-DID ppl will complain about with the stiff neck..from stress..but it is compounded from trauma, PTSD, things like that..yes, totally agree with that. But not a migraine though.

    The overstimulation I imagine a lot of ppl do get. I don’t really have that issue, but good observation on that kind of headache. but again not a migraine.

    The switching headache. Now I do get these but only when it is a new part that has not come out yet. Usually it is me fighting it. It can last for a couple days or only hours depending on if I am fighting it hard or not. Mine is usually just head pain but I thought described pretty accurately.

    The spillage as it was called here….the internal fighting. Yes, I agreed again. Internal fighting of parts whether conscious or not. Definitely will cause head pain. Here again, depending on if you know your insiders and how well is how well you can start cooperation. That is where it does get confusing.

    I also think flashbacks and inside parts remembering and holding trauma causes head pain if you are not aware or able to get to it.

    Those would be my thoughts. I thought it was a good article definitely. I do not know where the line would cross to migraines. Probably the last two. Depending on the person. Thanks for sharing it.


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