What do we talk about


What the fuck do we fuckn talk about in Apts.  Oh my god. Yes it would be good to record but we don’t all agree. This shit is just coming naturally to me.  It’s like I don’t know  one minute but shit makes total sense the next.  Oh man that’s why I been going crazy Because I been going Co con I don’t think she realizes how distressing this is.  How noticing that some have been around a long  time.   Fuck I just blacked out for 20 minutes.  Fuck I don’t think she knows how to help me.  Fuck.  Bloody hell.  And it took us all that courage and  we were scared but we put our names then she only acknowledged the fuckn girls.  What’s with that.  She does not get it.  Unless she doesn’t see my name. But I doubt it. I was thinking is cos I’m a boy.  

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