This is just utter bullshit man. Just bullshit.  I wanna fuckn say I’m faking but I’m fast becoming aware of the others.  Fuck sake. I don’t know all of them and i certainly don’t fuckn talk to them.  i don’t want to know them.  Oh Holy shit.  I just realised that Bitch and brutal bitch are twins. H fuck.  Fuck fuck wowwowowow. OK let me get my head around this. Why is it opposite though.  It’s opposite.  In the dream.  But maybe that was how it was revealing itself that i knew how to split.  Wow. Owwwwwwww fuck my head.  Left back . Right temple.

Fuck this fuckn job. Ugh

Yeah i also realise what that dream was and because i feel like brutal Bitch is a split off me,bitch that they are twins. Does that make sense. Fuck oh man both sides of brain. I don’t want to live like this fuckers

Oh my god you are fuckn nuts and have me in stitches because you went back to your post to update but you said the same shit and now your reading that you wrote the same thing twice your like wow. Hahaha Crack me up.
Ps it’s cool to have twins, we’re multiples of multiples with multiples fuckn funny oh thank god for a laugh cos is such a drag being brooke, so cry baby

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