I’m having Rolf memories,  I’m guns vomit.  I remember that he used to get us to be naked Chance he got.  Swimming,  sauna and bathroom.  I Wana vomit. All of us kids.  He would take photos to I remember. Is sick cos one of us like it maybe,  but I know I did not want to at all. He just would keep saying it’s all right, it’s all right,  we’re family. *****% $# trigger $÷#=%&&       There’s nothing to be afraid of, family help each other as he would wash us.  Yuck down where he shouldn’t, ahhhhhh  it’s confusing.  Maybe he should have maybe he shouldn’t.  Ugh fuck if that was my daughter I   ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Fuck fuck fuck fuck I’m so sick in the head that I let him. Maybe we liked it.  Ahhhhhh how can we not remember.  But we do remember. that doesn’t make sense. 

I suppose we were lucky to see that it was going to get worse so we left and never went back. Shit that’s what I was feeling fucked off about yesterday, how he got away with that and everything else and whatever else he’s done. There’s definitely other kids if his kids and his kids friends were OK to *:”% €÷”#@
My god why do we have to remember shit.

Owwwwwwww we just been remembering stuff and it hurts our tummy and our priva t es I want to vomit I X c dont like vomiting either. It hi oerri ble I remember mum vomiting much

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