Fuck n hell.  “Good morning team” How would you like to be called team.  I want to say fuck off.  That’s the bitch in me. I’ll be honest.  Ha I think she met her the other day. I don’t know.  Can’t remember much.  Depends who was in session (right tap) to who remember what happened. I know blaze was definitely there  (haha yeah smiling)  fuck knows.  Can’t remember jack shit, and that is why it’s a fuckn waste of time going. Seriously what the fuck do we get out of it. Nothing.  Fuckn nothing,  so you better not spend my weed money just so you can fuckn go.  How you guna earn that money.  Hahaha I know how. Should just harden up or disappear. Not as if she’s guna listen anyway.

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