I know i wanted to know where bitch got the slut whore messages but i wasn’t prepared for the realisation and memories of being used in a horrific scene with other children screaming in the background. She wanted that fire to Taktake us.nbsp; I don’t think i can give this any time in my head as I’m not equipped to cope right now.  If i really let the memories be real i will want to kill myself. 
I wasn’t prepared for this.  I think i need to talk to my t or ring psych emergency and talk about what’s going on.  I don’t know what to do.  Boss has an exam tomorrow and she ain’t in the hallway studying. Fuck. Fuck these people who hurt us

Every time. I Rang psych emergency and ended freezing. Even though i know i want to talk and what i want to say i freeze. I am needing to keep myself safe right now and is hard

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