Watch “Pink Floyd – Dark side of the moon – Lyrics” on YouTube


My husband just played this to me.  I cracked up.  And so did the rest.  If only he knew.  He does want to have a talk. Do I tell just about CPTSD or did as well. Maybe the CPTSD with dissociative features. I’m sorry I don’t mean to sound horrible I just don’t want to have multiples. Of any kind.  Maybe all these personality traits are just all one person called …..     but I don’t know how one person can have polar opposite feelings opinions ideas  sexualities genders fuckn everything.  Ugh. 
That means only one person holds all  that. Too much. How do people do it.  I would hate to remember everything that happened to me.  I’m so glad I can’t remember much. 
Anyway when he was playing this I was thinking of t. Brooke went off again. I think freaking out. 
But seriously after leaving yesterday what did she expect. 
We  wrote a note and put it on the fridge like 2 weeks ago to avoid any confusion or abandoning feelings.
Yeah but she hasn’t replied to me at all. 
We know she doesn’t reply to our shit, especially yours.
She won’t tell us how much I listened but she still didn’t say.  How much an apt is.  She doesn’t get it I’ll never get time If the Apts not mine. 

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  1. This song reminds me of being 16 years old and listening to it at night under a bridge – that is 35 years ago. I don’t think I liked any of Pink Floyd’s lyrics. I just wanted the music and was annoyed when they put in words.


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