Therapy for Dissociative Parts


Refreshing to know they are our helpers. Will need to read again over and over so I don’t forget

Heathers Helpers

I mentioned in a blog two weeks ago that Helper Julie had spoken directly to my therapist. I will admit that the information Julie shared was then shared too quickly with me but now that the dust has settled, I have a very clear path of what issues I really need to work on. She was so “bang on” about everything that she said I needed to talk about and I will admit that almost everything she brought up were issues that I was either unsure about or just didn’t have the guts to begin talking about. It was very upsetting to me to feel like she’d “told” some well hidden secrets but that was just my defensive side kicking in.

I must once again question most therapists/psychiatrists belief that speaking with only the host is the best way to go. I’ve been seeing this therapist for the better part…

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