She’s such a bitch.  I can’t believe she creates all this drama.  I don’t want drama.  Not in real life. ( this is what she was like at school)  Jesus, they must trust her to say shit to her but I feel like they all outside the body.  And yes I have fucked up distortion of reality . I feel like all thes people do shit and they don’t even think.  Fuck before they act they don’t think.  I feel like being reckless and doing drugs and fucking shit up but that is not her.  I feel b a d in a way cos she ain’t got a say at the moment.  I think she thinks she does but really you don’t. She’s our puppet. Too embarrassed really. We’re pretty separatist at the moment everybody’s on the verge  on the outside.   I know shit dint make sense but we live on the outside of reality, we got nobody to talk to.  The t OK but hmm? ….trust I don’t know. Why do we go anyway. L is OK but we cat really talk parts lol.  Oh well.  Should just box everybody up and lock em all away again.  It’s really tempting to kill myself and everyday there is an opportunity but that is only escaping the unknown. 

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