I think I’m the original  or the one they consider host. I’m very very depressed. I would rather be fuckn dead right now than have to live a life I do not want. I’ve never done anything for myself. Nothing has ever been good enough for anyone.  Right from a little child.  If I was alone it wouldn’t be like that I wouldn’t be letting anyone down nobody to tell me what to do or whether our shits good enough.  If I was truly to let it all out I don’t know what would happen,  catastrophic shit I bet. I’d be a raving lunatic ready for hospital alright. My t thinks respite would be good but they let you out.  There’s more opportunities  to kill myself as I have no responsibility for anyone so it’s easy for me to say that I could do it easier there than here.  Ugh I don’t know what to do life would just be better if I didn’t exist.

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  1. Perhaps it’s not a great idea to contradict you, but many of your recent posts (presumably written by different alters) have an overwhelmingly similar tone and writing style to one another. May I suggest that shows you have more in common with one another than you have difference? Perhaps that’s not enough on its own to convince you not to kill yourself, but it has to count for something.

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      • Yeah the last 2 are by me. The others are brooke, she writes her name. She’s only 7. I’m the one with the body name, I’m so depressed right now it’s such a disgusting feeling I wish bitch would come and help out, I’m not depressed when she’s out. It’s so much better. I just don’t know how to trigger her out.

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