Oh no sad but true. I hope you don’t end up dead and see this. Know I feel the same. It’s hard most days. Please do some nice things for yourself if you feel like this.


The mental health care system is well and truly a joke.


I try and do the right thing and follow up on a recommendation from the hospital and am told my file is closed now and I need to see my GP. What is the point in asking for help when they don’t give it to you? What’s the point in seeing my GP about it when she has not say on making anything happen any quicker? 2-3 months for an assessment?


Apparently the only way people take anyone seriously is to threaten another person? It’s not enough that my own life is threatened, I have to threaten another person’s life?? This system is shit and I can totally see why people end up dead. Let it be known now then that if I wind up dead it is the fault of the mental health system. I don’t…

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