Fuck sake


Ignored ignored ignored useless worthless piece of whore slut trash who just gets ignored by everybody even the host. Blocked by everybody ignored nobody cares about a filthy piece of trash, see even we think your a wingy whiny little girl who’s just being pathetic and making our lives shit.  She didn’t ignore your request about the money,  she said no that you were worried someone would spend it see she does listen to you she just doesn’t and won’t obviously answer you about being a whore because she thinks you are one. I’ve already told you and you ask why?  Duh. I’d ignore you to,  your behavior is just childish,  I don’t want to see you anymore. ….  she’s probably going woo-hoo thank fuck for that, get rid of that wingy little bitch and not have to read her crazee shit anymore. I know someone like me would piss me off too. Bloody pathetic 

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  1. I used to talk to myself like that too. But it doesn’t help. Every single part of you deserves love and respect. Some parts feel angry and resentful and confused, which is normal. But try not to direct the anger inward. It’s not your fault. “Whore slut trash” is how a part of you felt, but it’s not the reality of who you are.

    With warm wishes,

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