Abandonment issues


Hi.  I’m brooke and I’m 7 sorry this is my first post. I think. Umm I was going to ask something but I just forgot. Ummi g rt oh this stupid tab thingy I get  migraines when I float above. And sometimes it’s like a smack in the head. Hmm oh yes just before somebody was on fcbk and they realised that I was the Ree like tht to protect the,m they realised it and knew it. That I was there.  Hmmmm who was it. Who was it?  Hello. Oh they came and went. Bugger I was expecting the pain but it didn’t come.

Edit. This really made me laugh, I’m sitting here questioning in my mind if I have DID. it can’t be true. I’m such a fake I’ve made it all up raderadera and I published the post anyway to see the title. In true Did fashion I totally forgot what the fuck I was going to write about. So I’ve gone from brooke to somebody who thinks I’m fake to me. Hahaha haha at least I can get a laugh out of it and it stresses the others out. Now brookes also giving me headaches going come on come on it was my post on abandonment issues. I got sidetracked by others in my system. Anyway i don’t know what she wants to say so bye.

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