Developing Internal Communication – Starting with the Basics


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Discussing Dissociation

Good Communication Skills

There are a variety of ways to develop basic, effective skills in internal communication with your dissociative system.  Most of these skills are very similar, even the same, as the communication skills used with real people in the everyday world.  There is no fancy trick to learning to talk to your inside people.  Everyone can do this.

Have you spoken to people in your everyday world?   I’m sure that every one of you has spoken to outside people before.  If you can speak to real people and develop ongoing relationships with them, you can certainly develop the ability to communicate and build relationships with your insiders.

Don’t panic — I completely understand that many people with Dissociative Identity Disorder have difficulties with social situations and social relationships.  I am fully aware that speaking with “real people” can be intimidating, challenging, difficult, disastrous, etc.

Internal Communication

Here’s the good news.  In some ways…

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