So tired. So so tired. Depressed even. Most of the time we say we are not depressed because it is how we felt all our lives. How can u be depressed when this is what u been like since little. But i cant bring myself to eat. All i do is sleep. Last 2 weeks kids go to daycare i sleep. And thats not me. Its never been me to do that. What is wrong with me. I know no food will make me lethargic but ive survived on nothing before and jept going daily. This is different. Totally different. I just dont have the drive like i normally do. Im never allowed to b sorry for myself and wallow. Never so why now. Im so tired can i go back to sleep now? 

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  1. Dealing with the pain from the past is exhausting, literally. It sucks up an enormous amount of energy. Be gentle with yourself. It is not wallowing to sleep more. It is resting for a while, and you probably need it.

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  2. I know how it feels to be depressed and tired. Sometimes I don’t know what to do with myself and sometimes I cry. But I had to allow myself to rest, brush off the pain and think positive. Depression isn’t the greatest thing. Think positive and brush off the pain. Because being depressed takes up your energy and it drains you.

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