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Developing Internal Communication – Starting with the Basics


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Discussing Dissociation

Good Communication Skills

There are a variety of ways to develop basic, effective skills in internal communication with your dissociative system.  Most of these skills are very similar, even the same, as the communication skills used with real people in the everyday world.  There is no fancy trick to learning to talk to your inside people.  Everyone can do this.

Have you spoken to people in your everyday world?   I’m sure that every one of you has spoken to outside people before.  If you can speak to real people and develop ongoing relationships with them, you can certainly develop the ability to communicate and build relationships with your insiders.

Don’t panic — I completely understand that many people with Dissociative Identity Disorder have difficulties with social situations and social relationships.  I am fully aware that speaking with “real people” can be intimidating, challenging, difficult, disastrous, etc.

Internal Communication

Here’s the good news.  In some ways…

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Still in Wonderland


My brain is a dissociated mess. You know the feeling where it just feels like jello. Like i know I’m here and I’m not Bitch or brooke but I’m surely dissociated.  I hate this life.  I wish to change it please for a different one.  I’m off the pot cos i know in the long run it ain’t good for me.  It helps with alot but it also hinders alot too.  It blocks the parts that need to talk to t. It blocks memories and emotions and alters.  Those are the benefits but in the long run are they benefits maybe i should ask.  Will this benefit my healing? Will this benefit my mental health.  I can not bring myself to eat lately to.  I just bring everything back up again.  To much stress.  Food is like a trigger for me.  Oh is it. I didn’t know that.  Owwwww my fuckn head hurts.  To much switching.  Might go sleep them all away. They also giving me lots of abuse memories that aren’t mine and i don’t like it. I know there all me it doesn’t make sense.

Internal Communication – The Core of Treatment for Dissociative Identity Disorder, part 1

Internal Communication – The Core of Treatment for Dissociative Identity Disorder, part 1

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Discussing Dissociation

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I ended my last post with this paragraph:

Focus first on relationship building with your parts.  Get to know them.  Talk to them.  Learn their names.  Overcome your fears of who they are.  Appreciate their strengths.  Develop friendships with them.  I guarantee that your overall stability will greatly improve as you are more connected with your internal system on a genuinely friendly, caring basis.

In my opinion, developing good internal communication is the core of the treatment work for Dissociative Identity Disorder.  If you cannot or do not talk well with your other internal parts, you will not be able to complete your healing work effectively, thoroughly or sufficiently.

Imagine going to your place of employment and not being able to speak with any of your co-workers.  How well would businesses work with that approach?  Have you ever been to a big department store?  Imagine if…

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Dissociate enough


So dissociated tonight well switching alot.  Haven’t smoked pot in a few days either.  Don’t think it’s causing any problems and i Don’t need need need it I’m getting by.  Feels better without it actually.  But i hate the feelings in my head when i switch or there’s too much going on.  My head feels crowded and it’s not that i can not hear anything i think too much is going on that’s why it’s like i can’t hear anything.  Not that i hear voices but i get thoughts.  I think there’s too many right now trying to get out. Ohhh shit it is the pot.  The pot slows the switching alot so now i Dint have any they starting to wake up. Right.  Geez sometimes I’m slow.  Back to front and all fucked up lol.  That’s why i was constantly smoking to keep them away.  Duh. Might try sleep them off instead of feeling like this. 

Neural Plasticity and Dissociative Identity Disorder


A spouses guide to DID. I really like reading what he has to say. And it gives us hope.

Loving My DID Girl(s)

Seven years ago Karen and I began a healing journey together: her from dissociative identity disorder and me from myself so that I would be a good partner for her healing journey. Seven other girls have joined my wife and our family along the way. We started this journey like most people: completely ignorant about d.i.d. But from the start I purposed to welcome these new girls into my life, and the attachment wiring in me kicked into high gear as I did so.

As I began reading the literature about d.i.d., I learned that the genesis of this disorder typically comes from early childhood trauma. But the trauma that causes the dissociation then metastasizes throughout the personality, arresting and truncating the abilities that each person holds within the system. And so I’ve come to view these as the unholy trinity in this disorder: trauma, dissociation and arrested/truncated abilities…

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Four months jail time, for raping a 9 year old stepdaughter. Gross injustice.


Bloody disgusting justice system

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

I keep saying, we live an abuser/paedophile/sex offender enabling/protecting society. The legal system is absolutely outrageously pathetic in terms of sentencing those who sexually abuse/violate children.

Four months for raping a 9 year old child. Disgusting.

Thank goodness for advocacy charities like Bravehearts Inc. for tackling these gross injustice’s done to survivors of child sexual violence/abuse.

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Please read. Very informative.

Heathers Helpers

I wrote a few articles for a site that offers support to people with personality disorders quite awhile ago. I decided to share the information about C-PTSD in here as well. 🙂

What is C-PTSD?
Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) results from chronic or long-term exposure to emotional trauma over which a victim has little or no control and from which there is little or no hope of escape, such as in cases of:

  • domestic emotional, physical or sexual abuse
  • childhood emotional, physical or sexual abuse
  • entrapment or kidnapping.
  • slavery or enforced labour.
  • long term imprisonment and torture
  • repeated violations of personal boundaries.
  • exposure to gaslighting or false accusations.
  • long-term taking care of mentally ill or chronically sick family members.
  • long term exposure to crisis conditions.

When someone has been trapped in a situation and had little or no control at any point, they can carry an intense sense…

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