Pain so much inner turmoil and nobody cares anyway I’m sure somebody will point that out.  Why is it that i can’t know? why do things get hidden from me by t. I’m the one asking for help and i just get ignored. Ignored all the fucking time what the fuck is the point in asking for help when you don’t get it won’t get it . Fuckn dumb I’m so angry right now I’m Guna numb the rest of me with drugs and alcohol.  I would rather be a drunk bitch than a mad angry sad Bitch.

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  1. Hi. I know exactly how you feel. When I’m hurt and going through a lot of stress, I always be ignored by my loved ones. They just watch me cry and don’t even bother to ask me what’s wrong. But I handle my issues in the most positive way as possible. Don’t stress yourself just stay calm and think positive.

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