One week down


One week down one to go.  It’s already been the hardest week ever.  So many questions nobody to talk to.  As me i want to go.  i can’t wait for next week got heaps to talk about.  Like i trust her and that’s good cos its taken nearly a year.  We don’t all trust her not by a long shot and i don’t know if she has a theory on how to help ‘me’ but i know she’s been talking to others and telling me that they are processing so that’s ok. It’s really really hard for me cos I’m getting all these memories of things that are so horrible but i got nobody to talk to to help explain and ground all the scared parts but I’m sure I’ll live.  It’s just so hard trying to contain everything.  And not let it spill out and Totaly let it spin me out.  All on my own.  Always on my own

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