Too many headaches


Ughh to many fuckn headaches Yeah.  All this dissociating is a killer.  Want to sh so bad i should just do it.  Might calm the head actually.  The abuse crap is just too close in my minds eye it hurts.  Hurts everywhere.  been finding clues of others and there thoughts there memories which then i find out about.  I Dint really want to know them because it didn’t happen to me.  But the headaches and that are really painful.  Codiene don’t help. Necks sore. Tummy.  All somatic crap i know it is and that’s why i never really complain to t about it. I so missed out on today.  1 hr is definitely not enough a week.  Is not enough for a singleton let alone a group of people.  My god im so sick of my head i just want it to stop.  Everything to stop.  Death looks so good right now. 

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      • Honestly, I have never been diagnosed with any psychological issues; I have never followed through with any real therapy. I feel like there is so much to tell and talk about that we would never get anywhere and what’s the point. I have however had terrible migraines since I was 19. I didn’t realize till recently that they started right after the first time I tried to deal with the incest of my childhood. The migraines have even hospitalized me a few times, the really bad ones anyway. I even had a hemoplegic migraine a couple years ago. It is very rare and mimics a stroke – for a little while, before the diagnosis, I thought I could die. It was really scary.


      • Oh wow i had that to but it was a child alter who couldn’t talk and do anything. But yeah migraines are apart of being sexually abused as well for people without DID but have csa history.

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