I hate narks.  Fuckn hate them.  Liars to.  And she just told t way too much lies the fckn Bit*h. Oh fuck well not lies but why the fuck. Oh crap they’re not lies but why did she have to send anything.  I thought i had banned everyone from sending emails.  Shit Oh man they Guna pay for setting me up on this one! Infuriated with the little shit. Man she is so dramatic and crap is so shit.  I gotta go through and delete all the ones I’ve sent. Shit god i need to get off my face! ! Man The fuckn body is feeling it through this shit. It’s horrible and the little shit gives us headaches and 4 well  ahhhhyeah 4 fuck seriously Oh my god i gotta remember that 5% rule or does 4  Need to remember it. Geez every time i write 4 i get pain and stuff i ain’t saying.  Fark..  death looks so good right now! !! 

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