I Don’t know how much more i can take of this crap.  Fuckn dissociation.  Headaches.  Sh. Others taking control.  No memory.  Then memories of things that aren’t speakable or believable. How the fuck anybody in their right mind could live after the memory right there.  Ugh im gonna vomit constantly.  I have pain down there and everything is hyper in my head my body.  Like a live wire with all these connections synapsing then breaking at the same time but Givin her a glimpse of the pain. She has these moments of clarity that make sense about why we do things feel this why and then denial denial denial. That could never happen.  But logically we know these things do happen but she can’t believe it cos its too crazy.  cos she’s too pussy more like it. Anyway i can’t really speak of these memories here is all too revealing.  Too overwhelming.  All she wants to do is kill herself. 

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