Pi $$ ed off


Oh my god what is she thinking. She has been in crisis for effing weeks and shes saying shes fine. Fffffffffs  I am so sick of this. I been getting cut. I having memories flashbacks things are being revealed and my body is really feeling it. she was there to talk about the pain and the foster care but was blocked. I dont know what to do anymre. I know they had a fun weekend and that but not all of us did. I know she does it to numb. She was pissed too at the end of session. Was going to say again how shes told her ‘ plenty o times that nobody can keep anyone safe here and we wouldnt tell her if we going to kill ourselves. She doesnt know its not host. Like I dont know if she knows it  not her. It confuses me because I’m don’t know who she talking to when she says you. how hilarious lol. God anyway she really can’t do anything because its not host who would eat the pills so what can they do lol. It wasnt me who drunk but bailey. How did she know bailey had fun anyway. Did someone nark. Oh my hours I think.I’ve switched a few times lol. Shit. Fml. Kill me now. Seriousness. Owwwwww my head.  She didnt even get to talk to.me o about husband. it   sux too much to talk about

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