Over it


Fuckn over everything. Wish i could just die and maybe wake up different.  Or just not wake up at all.  I can’t even talk to t cos of fuckn ethics and the law. Can’t mention those feelings even though it’s like never stop with those feelings. I was Guna say it i was angry and i was like i just wanna fukn k… myself and then stopped myself dead in my tracks.  I know if i say too much i cab get chucked in hospital.  Some could If they wanted cos i sound so fuckn insane.  Totally got parts that are suicidal and shit ugh im too tired to explain anymore I’m so fuckn over it that’s all.  Life.  Everything. 

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  1. I know the feeling all too well! I’ve written some explicitly suicidal thoughts in my blog and the ex not only called the police, last time, but she told them that I’m “violent…had weapons and hated police”. She was SO worried about my health that she tried to get police to kill me….good times!

    I wish I could offer sage words of wisdom to pull you out of depression, but I’d be a hypocrite, as I’ve yet to figure out how to persuade myself to value my own life….sucks:-( But, I’m here if you ever want to chat /hug.

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