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Multiple Personality or Dissociative Identities.


I hate that it is real. That means it’s all real and i don’t want to deal bit I’m sick of being unwell.

Escaping Ritual Abuse In Australia

These are other names and identities forced onto children of sexual, ritual abuse and satanic ritual abuse by sex offenders, and referred to as multiple personality disorder or dissociative identity disorder.

Personally I don’t take any stock in the psych world’s babble as it is only set up from the ancient global occult religion to yet again confuse, and more so to yet again discredit victims/survivors.
Mental illness is of course tied in with these labels, again to take away the focus from heartbreak and severe emotional trauma!

The mental illness label was established in order to stigmatize and try to remove all creditability from victims’ truthful stories.

I have had from my satanic worshiping family many other names, numbers etc given to me, and I can’t speak for other survivors, but for myself I was always aware of these names and numbers, ie the occults term is: I now…

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