Monthly Archives: November 2018

On Gods time


Been a few years.  Made it past the triggering of the black army a few times.  Martial law was  stopped last Feb in 2017 with the  fires and then other things have been done cos God held them back.  I was abducted and reprogrammed cos i shared too much but i didn’t know what was  going on really or that i was leaking secrets.

He gave me lots of prophetic words and pictures too so i been blessed.  The only way out of SRA D.I.D  hell is God… he was  right.  He’s amazing and full of mercy and grace and joy.

I have been  seeing alot of different numbers and finding they  relate to awesome scripture. I seen 606 lots and 616 and i wondered why and i asked God and i heard  check Matthew.  Talks about fasting and praying. Awesome days we in living scripture and the word.