Happy new ERA!


Yes era not year! This is the beginning of something so huge and exponential that nobody can stop it.  Yeshua is coming back soon and that means it’s harvest time.  It’s also time for judgement on the church n state.  A time for the righteous to speed ahead and the wicked to be stopped in their tracks.  A time for joy and peace.  Open doors that no man can open.

Many are focused on the evil too much and not balancing out and so they get stuck in the negative. I decree that they start seeing the good.   I was there too but God rebuked me kindly and said it will only get bad attention so start sharing the good. Even though we may suffer for telling the good news it is worth it to suffer for Christ And eternal life in heavenly places.

I must put together my word for 2019. Now we are out the other side it is time!

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