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satans agenda, using dissociation

Just sharing this because basically i feel like i need to share. You May already know what extreme childhood trauma does to a persons personality and mind.
In the cult mind control there’s much more torture that people have been through deliberately to split their minds. This is when we become programmable. The population of mind control soldiers trained to implement new world orda here in new Zealand is in the thousands. I’m not lying I’m not joking. I also know where they traffick them through the tunnels in Christchurch and in Palmerston nth hawkes bay and other places. They are using foster kids in rituals too. There are hundreds of illuminati family and businesses here. The Masonic halls are having rituals and abusing kids and same at the “”transitional” cathedral which is the illuminati temple and they have things here which nobody knows about not general population. I have to go battle on my own mostly things like resurrection of osiris which they try do in November each yr. They do rituals there at the triangle and the demonic power comes thru the portals which God gets me to go and warfare at. People Think the cult want lucifer to reign from Jerusalem (or the anti Christ whatever people want to call him) but they have set up several temples and thrones around the world. And they’ve used original materials from the throne of David to do it. Also the sword in the stone was stolen by my bloodline to inaugurate the anti Christ when he gets here. Not that its going to work for some time because it’s not time. God is holding him back.
There is also a pentagram in our streets like Washington and other cities including vatican. I have taken some Christians on a tour to pray through it when they ask me to show them.
There’s tunnels under hillmorton too which is where the Project paperclip Drs used to do mind control experiments and torture which still goes on today using regular patients from society. God had sent me one civilian for deliverance and the drs were performing “operations” where they drug the person and remove their heart and put stones in there. The person then believes this.
The bridge of remembrance is the arch of baal sadly. Its In the pentagram and the apex of the pentagram is Hagley park. Hagley is yelgah backwards an incantation word and the park is surrounded in oaks for druid power. I broke that curse over the trees there which they dedicated to darkness.
We are in a battle for souls and this city is a major hub for the illuminati but it aint no challenge for Gods warriors i know that because i did many things on my own with no human authority or leadership (had to, nobody gets me) but God has lead me to l.w For a reason I’m sure cos there are some who are aware, it’s just finding them.
This stuff i guess i feel its crazy so you might label us crazy instead of what happened or what i know as crazy. I didn’t ask to be born into that crazy stuff but God put me there to bring me out to share with his people because he does not want them to perish for lack of knowledge.
Since my mk friend was here last week when my pastor got  visions of her abuse and mind control experiences my microchip had gone off 3 or 4 times that’s why i wanted to ask them to pray about it and it was amazing once man knew and knows another survivor of it. Anyway i know that not everyone that is coming out of darkness is going to be from illuminati mind control but i really felt i needed to stand up and be more vocal about it so people aren’t shocked when they start coming in with all this weird heavy stuff going on. Most Christians just wanted me to sit down and shut up or disappear because it rocks their little bubble they’ve created or They thought i belonged at hillmorton! And that is one place we must keep them out of or they can be reprogrammed back to the cult. Last time i was abducted was 2.2.19 but my angels protected me and Jesus was there and they couldn’t do much but the Christchurch shooting was preplanned and programmed in to about 10 super soldiers that’s why i tried sharing around what was coming. Some watchmen and gatekeepers didn’t listen though. And there was casualties sadly. 10 super soldiers were suppose to turn up but only 4 did. I believe that is because my online friends and i had been praying to break mind control over others around the world how God taught me.
Father God i pray right now that peace comes with revelation and wisdom and discernment and that anything i said not of God would fall away and what was will being more revelation in Jesus name