Social workers


Never did like them much when I was younger.  Yesterday was very triggering them asking me what my triggers were.  (Ow headache)  ugh. They can’t help me.  We used to talk about the cutting when I was younger and had Emily my  c.y.f worker. She couldn’t help us . Anyway it wasn’t those types of triggers  but
It triggered it plus I’d already been a few different ones by then already.  Man it feels like days ago but it was only Yesterday.  Oh a little was up late last night and the man wanted to do stuff she wasn’t comfortable with cosoffthefort so i popped one and fell asleep, thankful for the pills for once that also puts us all to sleep. 

Haha and they asked why I had been better in the last few weeks cos someone said I had been earlier on in the convo and it’s cos I’m smoking pot but I couldn’t say that. God yesterday was hard trying to stay grounded and not like a little kid. The headaches were coming and going fast while they were here. Trying to answer the questions not so crazily. Like now. From the right front to the left. Head pain. Ow writing that triggered the back left. Ow it’s like a fight. Weird. Anyway bathtime bathtime. Be a kid time

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