Monthly Archives: October 2015



I’m really struggling right now.  I have no outlet.  I don’t know wheter is safe anymore to blog or not.  I don’t want it to be used against me.  But emotionally i haven’t let anything out in a long time and shit is getting real right now.  The time of the month and year right now is a huge fuck off trigger and i hope i survive the end of the month cos i haven’t been able to tall about it. 
I’m so fuckn dissociated but i can’t let anyone know.  So much bad stuff had been happening the last few months.  I’m still in an emotional psychological sexually abusive marriage.  Still being controlled even though i left.  Professionals are involved and its hard. It sux but….. i forgot where i was going with this I’m so emotional

Rough as shit


My god this has got to be the worst time of my life but I’m so focused and ain’t guna back down. I’m sick of being treated like shit. I’m guna give him a piece of his attitude back.  I haven’t posted because it’s unsafe to post what I’m going through right now.  Hope all my friends here are ok.  Hugs