I’m really struggling right now.  I have no outlet.  I don’t know wheter is safe anymore to blog or not.  I don’t want it to be used against me.  But emotionally i haven’t let anything out in a long time and shit is getting real right now.  The time of the month and year right now is a huge fuck off trigger and i hope i survive the end of the month cos i haven’t been able to tall about it. 
I’m so fuckn dissociated but i can’t let anyone know.  So much bad stuff had been happening the last few months.  I’m still in an emotional psychological sexually abusive marriage.  Still being controlled even though i left.  Professionals are involved and its hard. It sux but….. i forgot where i was going with this I’m so emotional

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    • I am tonight Thank you. I got my real twins for the night. My husband let me have them. It’s very good distracting thing because some parts want to go to rituals and shit. . Bad time of year


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