Dissociate enough


So dissociated tonight well switching alot.  Haven’t smoked pot in a few days either.  Don’t think it’s causing any problems and i Don’t need need need it I’m getting by.  Feels better without it actually.  But i hate the feelings in my head when i switch or there’s too much going on.  My head feels crowded and it’s not that i can not hear anything i think too much is going on that’s why it’s like i can’t hear anything.  Not that i hear voices but i get thoughts.  I think there’s too many right now trying to get out. Ohhh shit it is the pot.  The pot slows the switching alot so now i Dint have any they starting to wake up. Right.  Geez sometimes I’m slow.  Back to front and all fucked up lol.  That’s why i was constantly smoking to keep them away.  Duh. Might try sleep them off instead of feeling like this. 

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    • No i feel like it’s getting worse. Too many alters at the front trying to compete and they’re crowding and giving me abuse memories and shit. Sorry i just not feeling good and dissociating lots. I see why i smoke alot of pot normaly

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      • Don’t apologize for struggling. I’m here to help in any way that I can. It sounds really stressful. I can’t imagine having so little control over the memories. 😦 hugs.

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