Someone else is trying to get out.  I had a memory earlier which I’ve conveniently forgotten what it was but it’s weird cos you know you’ve had one by triggering others.  Anyway.  Fuck.  Theres someone else dammit and i had a clue about them and now I’ve forgotten. Fuck that is the Totaly annoying thing.  I’m glad i know something is happening to some extent. And I’ve had alot of pain in the last 2 days.  Lots if switches.  Bitch has Actually saved us.  It’s weird.  But anyway.  I’m still having lost time but there are others i know that have been here.  That must mean Co concious because i know they do things but i do them because i Dint have control.  The other day i was trying to write but my hand was fighting me.  It was nuts.  I was thinking one thing but my hand was writing another.  I feel like they’ve been here before. Bitch is adamant in denying there here.  Doesn’t want to see.  

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